Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When? I just can get my happiness?

i thought he promise me wont talk with me loudly but now he still cant do it.he promise me wont say bad word but he still use bad word with my friends..after i came to kl,we almost everyday quarrel with anythings..he say he love me why he cant be considered towards me..today i really no mood at all..i prepared my HE presentation last night till midnight because i was so nervious about my first time presentation..and today i try my best to relax when i present but still so nervious..but never mind..i still can did it at all..but,finally teacher stopped our presentation and said "kumpulan ini minggu depan membentang sekali lagi..kalau nak menyalah,menyalah belakang yang membuat bising.."omg..my presentation need to redo..i really suddenly no mood at all..i still got my dance tomorrow which i still dono wat is the step dance..i need to pratice tonight and do my english comprehension which tomorrow need to pass up and still got BM presentation the day after tomorrow..i really no mood at all and he still wan quarrel with me because of these small matters..really waste my time.i really so tired be with him but why i cant forget him at all?i hate this feeling so much..

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